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Zaveid was an orphan from the early age of nine when his parents were killed by a group of bandits while traveling the roads of Caldera. They where the only people who kept him safe from the ruthless onslaught of discrimination of his celestial heritage. After they passed away Zaveid was placed in the local orphanage. He put up with the shunning and hazing of his town until he was fourteen when he ran into the forest that surrounded the town. That is where he met the Dryad Aleovia who cared for him in a very distant fashion (see piccolo training gohan). She would only ever interfere when Zaveid's life was truly in danger but other than that she simply let him live in the forest. After a few years of this Zaveid had become a truly skilled ranger, mastering the bow in only three weeks, and instead of just surviving he began to thrive which Aloevia seemed to enjoy as she now had company in the forest besides just animals. Then Zaveid's eighteenth birthday came about and Aleovia produced three gifts one a Short sword of elven make, The second a Living wood bow she had sang from an ancient tree that pulsed with magic, and The third was a gift of unlocking his Celestial heritage which in turn granted the power of the wind elemental. This changed his appearance to have bright green eyes and long Silver hair.

His mission in life is to return the honor of his lineage that was cast down by the gods.


Pulled into the Story by the kidnapping of Aleovia and the destruction of their grove. After an encounter with The Broker, she was rescued and with the help of Dr George a temporary cure was created for her affliction.


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