Aleovia the Dryad, Mistress of the South Wood, Lady of the Green. She has stood guard over the woodlands south of Tihir for more than 600 years. Those who deal unnecessary harm to her home suffer her wrath, as she may draw upon the full might of nature, to rival the mightiest of Druids. Those who show proper respect, find a patron and allie in the Lady of the Wood. 

Her kidnapping, and torture by The Broker at the behest of Alexander Corbain drew Zavied into the events of the Story. 

Having found a temporary cure for he condition in the vampire paladin Anna, she finds herself cut off from the forest and truly alone for the first time in her long life. She is cut off from her magic, even causing a single flower to bloom taxes her to exhaustion. The Nectar that her body produces, as a result of The Brokers experiments, is a potent healing agent, though her body over produces it causing her great pain. 


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