Eric grew up inside of the Hunters of the Dark Flame Order in Tihir. His Grandfather was Coal Ashdown, King of Tihir. It was Coal who got him into the order dispite his father's protests.

His first mission for the order was a harrowing one, a small number of vampires were created and escaped  from an alchemists illegal experiment. He put them all to the sword, the majority driven mad by hunger, it was the nly mercy he could bestow. Eric then met one of them trying to pray outside of the church. She was rather distraught about her undead nature considering she was training to become a paladin. His training taught him to purge the creature, but the girl before him was no monster. He chose instead to save her. From there Eric shielded her from the order, his mentor giving him a magical flask to contain her in until a cure could be found and asked for her aid in investigating who did this to her along with the others.

Afterwards he would consume an alchemical concoction called The Hunter's Bane, in the Order's initiation rite. This would send him to a nightmarish realm that the order calls the dream. In the dream he would go through a hell in which he dies numerous times. Within the dream he uncovered manipulation from a Lord of Shadow and decided to put an end to it. Unfortunately He needed to corrupt himself with dark power in order to kill it. Eric has now become a Shadow Lord within the dream and he is afraid, because he knows that when he dies in the waking world that will be his fate until something stronger kills him.

His nightmare became reality.



This version of Eric Ashdown, Jr. is a lord of the Shadowfell. Within the confines of his realm he is by all rights a god. He awakened after The Broker killed his mortal self, in order to complete a deal.

He has returned to Caldera for personal reasons, having left his servant, Rast in charge. Currently following the party to see if Anna can be fully cured, and to support his companions.

He left his reanimated corpse with his father, and was subsequently disowned and called a monster. Eric, Sr seeks to destroy him and reclaim his son's soul.


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